Award Winners 2014-15


Men’s Section 2014/15


Club Champion Steve Lord

Runner Up Paul Caneva

Pairs Champions Steve Lord & Chris Lord

Runners Up Steve Freestone & Greg Walsh

Presidents Handicap Bill Gillies

Runners Up Andrew Sharp

100 Up - GD Saker Steve Freestone

Runner Up Noel Goodman

Minor Champion Paul McConachy

Runner Up David McConachy

Mixed Pairs Shaun Lee-Tet & Kerrilyn Brennen

Runners Up Bill Gillies & Maureen Watt


Ladies Section: 2014/15

Club Champion               Rayna Zunneberg

Runners Up Charmaine Ford

Pair’s Champions           Rayna Zunneberg & Maureen Watt

Runners Up Glenys Lewis & Kathleen Woods

Minor Champion Kerrilyn Brennen

Runners Up Glenys Lewis

100 Up – GD Saker Natasha Caneva

Runners Up Charmaine Ford

Doris Ewart Trophy Rayna Zunneberg

Runner Up Natasha Caneva

President’s Handicap Rayna Zunneberg

Runner Up Natasha Caneva


Most Improved Max Reynolds

Best Club Person Shaun Lee-Tet

Tradge Woods Open Mixed Triples 2015 – Not held as yet


Greenlow – Pennant Player of the Year – Brennen Woods

Winter Singles – Bill Gillies

Runner Up – Rayna Zunneberg

Winter Club Pairs – Peter Summers & Rayna Zunneberg

Runners Up – Adrian Holmes & Ron Newing

Laurie Barker Singles Set Play – Bill Gillies

Runner Up – Rayna Zunneberg